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JASPER is excited to announce the release of the late model Ford 5R110 Rear & 4 Wheel Drive, Electronically Controlled Transmission.

Applications released include:

2009 Ford: F250, F350, F450 & F550

JASPER’s Remanufactured Ford 5R110 Transmission, has several advantages over Dealer O.E. and/or Competition with updates including:

  • Installation of 100% a new multi-plate lockup piston for higher torque capacity
  • Use of an updated spring retainer for the low/reverse clutch to prevent the snap ring from popping off resulting in metal contamination, clutch failure and unit failure
  • Low diode snap ring is updated to the latest design
  • Installation of a new forged/billet front cover for the converter to prevent flexing at the studs and to ensure better heat sink for the lockup piston lining
  • Installation of an upgraded low sprag
  • Re-staking of all early reverse planetary pinion pins with 12 tons of pressure
  • Supply & 100% testing of Range Sensor
  • Low reverse diode is updated to later style because the early style can side load
  • Low reverse snap ring is updated to the latest style to keep ring from rotating in the case

For more information on the remanufactured products of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, contact us at 1-800-827-7455.


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